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Loricariinae - Loricaria sp. "Atabapo"

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 Aug 2023:

It's been a while ago that anything happened here.
We felt asleep for a while but we haven't put this project down.
There are still some things to do, stay tuned!
And as a small teaser, something big is in preparation. You can find a hint if you have a closer look.


05. Oct 2023 - 20:00Fischfang im Land der roten Aras (german)
Restaurant Brauerei, Chur, Schweiz
Aquarienverein Chur
06. Oct 2023 - 19:30Peru - von den Anden bis ins Tiefland (german)
Weinstube Nendeln, Liechtenstein
Aquarienverein Liechtenstein